Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in the charter fee?

Cabin accommodations, meals, snacks, beverages, wine and liquor are usually included in the charter fee. Most yachts have an assortment of snorkeling gear to use at no charge. Yachts offer a wide array of watersports equipment such as SUPs, kayaks, fishing gear, water skiing, or diving. You can see that charter fees vary based on boat size, as well as amenities offered.

Families on a budget can be happy on one of a number of moderately priced boats, or a couple may want a reasonably priced adventurous experience for two. Certified divers may select a boat with scuba equipment and compressor, or arrange for rendezvous diving with those boats not equipped. International clientele may want a different language spoken or bilingual crew. If you don’t see what you need, just ask! We can find the right yacht for your adventure.

What is NOT included in the charter fee?

Not included in the price are: airfare, transfers, hotel accommodations before or after the charter, crew gratuity, cellular phone charges, optional trip cancellation insurance, vintage wines/champagnes or premium liquors, rendezvous diving or sportfishing trips. For some yachts, island cruising taxes may be extra.

What about airline arrangements?

Please inquire about the closest airport to the yacht base. We will be able to advise on airlines schedules into specific airports to accommodate your charter times. Your charter will start and end at noon on the beginning/ending dates so your arrival/ departure airline times may not coordinate exactly. A hotel stay before and/or after your charter may be recommended. We highly recommend checking with the airlines for availability for your desired dates before requesting a yacht charter date.

Where do we meet the yacht?

The marina base for the yacht you have selected will be indicated on your contract. We will be able to provide this information prior to the arrival of your contract package for airline booking purposes.

When can we board our yacht?

Charters begin at noon on the first day of the charter and end at noon on the final day. If you arrive in the islands the day before your charter begins, you may want to head to the dock and introduce yourself to the crew if the yacht is dockside. Please understand that your crew will be busy readying the yacht for your charter and may not have time to converse at length. Should you require an earlier end to the charter in order to meet airline schedules, this can be arranged.

What islands will we visit?

Once you have boarded your yacht on the charter first day, your captain will sit down with you to develop an itinerary based on your interests and desires, or you can leave it all up to the captain if you prefer. If weather permits, the itinerary can be changed at any time if you wish to spend more or less time in a specific area. This is one of the best features of the private crewed yacht experience…. a private yacht at your command.

What about food preferences and dietary needs?

In your contract package there will be food preference sheets which should be completed by each couple in the sailing party and returned to our office a few months or so before your charter. The chef can accommodate most special dietary needs and will plan meals based on your preferences. Plenty of beverages will be stocked, also. Special vintage wines/champagnes or premium liquors may require an additional charge. The chef will make every attempt to accommodate requests for specific brands, but occasionally certain brands are just not available on the islands.

How about clothing?

In the case of a private yacht charter, less is more. Most days you will spend in swimsuits and shorts, though if you plan on evenings ashore, slacks or a sundress are appropriate for some restaurants. Several swimsuits are recommended as you will be spending lots of time in the water and want to have one to wear while the other is drying. One pair of waterproof shoes is needed for trips ashore and bare feet are generally the rule on board. A large brimmed hat for sun protection is very important along with sunscreen and having a rash guard with spf or light cotton cover-ups are a must. Collapsable, soft sided duffle bags or luggage is extremely important, as there is limited space to store luggage.

Will family members be able to reach me in case of an emergency?

All yachts will have radio communications with the yacht base and most have cellular phones. Wi-Fi is available while in the country where the yacht is based and in some cases offered for guests to check email, but not for streaming. A fee for Wi-Fi/communications use may apply. Check with your personal cellular carrier for phone/data charges for international destinations. The rates for the islands of the USVI are the same for most U.S. based carriers.

What about a gratuity for the crew?

Your yacht crew works very hard to please you during your charter. A gratuity of 15-20% of the total charter fee is customary, yet discretionary based on the quality of service. Unless the crew also owns the yacht, the hired crew members receive a small base salary and rely on their tips for income. This gratuity may be presented in person on the last day of charter before disembarking, and may be enclosed in a card or note of appreciation. Your crew will be grateful for the acknowledgement of their efforts to make your vacation the most memorable ever.