Lying about 80 miles southeast of the Biminis are the Berry Islands. This small chain of about 30 islands and cays is another sport fishing paradise. Official ports of entry in the Berrys can be found in the north on Great Harbour Cay, and in the south on Chub Cay. Both of these cays have marinas with boat slips and most services, and a large resort is planned on Whale Cay just east of Chub Cay. One of the finest small boat harbors can be found at Little Harbour Cay in the central part of the Berrys. A number of the small cays in the Berrys are privately owned, so if there is a house on the island, don’t go ashore unless it is an emergency. And while it’s all right to anchor off shore of any of the private islands, it’s also nice to know that the uninhabited isles are yours to enjoy, just be sure to take everything back to the boat when you leave, especially any litter.

A number of Bimini islands and cays have become well know as perfect ports of entry to the Bahamas.
The Berry Islands offer exceptional sport fishing.
World class bone fishing is one of many adventures awaiting you at Andros Island.
Life around Eleuthra is time honored and full of variety.
Hope Town is famous for its candy-striped lighthouses.
The sparkling waters surrounding the islands and cays that make up The Exumas may well be the most stunning sailing grounds in the world.
Parts of Cat Island can be rugged with steep bluffs and dangerous reefs.
Many visitors to Long Island find fascination in the numerous, mysterious caves.
Aside from its historical nature, the Scuba diving and snorkeling at San Salvador are exceptional.